Genealogy to Reiki

March 2018

My family tree research took a pause back in 2013 when focusing time with family became a priority. I also left work as a level 3 Teaching Assistant to give more family time too.

The previous year we had lost our beautiful dog at age 14 but now felt the time was right to bring a new pooch to our family.

This is when we first met Sarah. Her litter of pups sealed the deal, how could we resist. We picked up our bundle in August and he accepted us as his guardians. Fate also played a hand two years later, getting another pup to complete our family.

I had always enjoyed watching Cesar Millan on TV, reading all his books and being inspired by his understanding of these amazing animals. So basically, it all comes down to your energy. The dog is a mirror of yourself, if you aren’t balanced, then neither will they be!

Ok, so with the difficult situations within life, I’d found myself to be all over the place. No balance. I needed something to teach me, help me and guide me to achieve what I now knew was where I wanted to be.

By coincidence around the same time as my revelation, Sarah advertised that she was holding training at first degree Reiki. My interest led me to find out more and my Reiki journey began.

That journey so far has brought me to this moment. Living in the moment, with Universal Energy and Guides leading me ‘In Their Footsteps’.

This is how In Their Footsteps Reiki Therapy emerged.