About Anita

Energy - It’s all about energy!

Anita is a happily married Mum of two magnificent grown up children, Granny to two grandchildren and guardian to one energetic tail-wagger. Life is complicated, fast paced and demanding and it took Anita years to find and understand what now is essential to her very existence.

The journey begins

Her spiritual journey began when Anita became inspired by a world renowned Dog Whisperer. Everything he said to bring life into balance and harmony became her mantra.

To become the calm, assertive person she needed to be, to improve her wellbeing and that of those around her became an essential objective – seeking calm, peace, balance and strength, when actually everyday life was filling her with anxiety, worry and stress. 

Finding Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master

Sarah Edwards-Keeling was already a very dear family friend, but then became Anita’s Reiki Master and teacher.

Anita trained and completed her First Degree in Usui Reiki, in March 2017. Initially this was all she thought she wanted to achieve, but becoming more spiritually aware with Reiki and its energy healing, she went on to complete her Second Degree in Usui Reiki in October 2017. Reiki had now become such an integral part of Anita’s life that she gained her Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher qualification in September 2020.

Evolving into Crystal Healing

Anita was also drawn to discover more about using crystals with her therapy work and completed several courses, finally reaching Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner in August 2021.