Before your treatment

I recommend you arrive wearing unrestrictive clothing, allowing you to be completely comfortable. I will ask that you turn your phone off so you can be in the moment. Then we will discuss how you are feeling and what has brought you for Reiki. Anything that is discussed and any notes taken are treated confidentially. The length of your treatment can vary greatly, but will usually last between 60 and 90 minutes where you will be safe and cared for.

Treatments start from £40 per session, so please contact me to make a booking, mobile 07834 356629 or email


Calming music will be playing and essential oil or incense burning. If you would prefer no music or incense then please say, it’s your time! I will invite you to lie in comfort on the therapy couch and I will cover you in a blanket (weather dependent!). Your Reiki treatment will start with me checking your chakra for balance and then, starting at your head, I will place my hands on or over (if you would prefer) various positions of your body, working within your aura, moving down to your feet. You may experience deep relaxation, inner warmth, tingling, movements of the body, images, sounds, memories and emotion. As we are all individual your encounter with Reiki will be unique to you. I will then cleanse your aura to transmute any negative energy.


When your treatment is complete I will gently awaken you back to the present and when you are ready, help you to sit up,. We will both drink fresh water and I will advise you to drink water over the next few days to help flush out any toxins which the Reiki may have dislodged. You may want to discuss any sensations you felt during your treatment.

Remember, I am not a healer, I am simply a channel for the healing energy. I will not diagnose any illnesses as I am not medically trained.